Fears & Phobias

Are you terrified of spiders? Scared of flying? Afraid of going to the dentist? Won’t go near large bodies of water? Always insist on taking the stairs instead of the elevator…even when you are running late or there are 36 floors?

Our bodies have a built in mechanism to be fearful of danger, which of course is a good thing. But when your fear feels out of proportion to the danger and your ability to enjoy life is affected, then your fear is no longer protecting you. 

A phobia is an irrational fear…in which the individual has a relentless dread of a situation, living creature, place or thing. Does your phobia seriously impact your life as you attempt to avoid or hide it? There are over 200 different types of phobias, however, your phobia is unique to you as it has it’s own history or root cause.

The difference between fears and phobias is mainly one of degree. A phobia may tend to feel more debilitating. But either way, if your fear or phobia limits your lifestyle, it’s not good for you. 


fears and phobias

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. 

Joseph Campbell

How can Hypnotherapy help with with fears and phobias?

Your fear or phobia is particular to you, your experiences, personality, culture and more. Therefore, your Hypnotherapy program is tailored specifically for you and will include some of the following: 

  • Learn new, more relaxed responses to the stimulus (e.g. spiders, elevators) so you feel calm in situations where you are likely to encounter it. 
  • Uncover the source of the fear/phobia.
  • Desensitize you to the stimulus.
  • Teach you how to feel more in control and self-confident so you can be free of your fears.
fears and phobias

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