Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome affecting your life? 

IBS sufferers experience an array of debilitating symptoms from abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation, to bloating and nausea. Research shows that that stress and anxiety have a huge role to play for IBS sufferers.

If you have not had success managing your IBS symptoms then hypnotherapy may be the next step for you. Calming the body in general, calms the intestinal system which reduces pain and other symptoms. Isn’t it time you got some relief? 

Diagram of a man's intestines - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Studies show Hypnotherapy is effective for sufferers of IBS

“The beneficial effects of gut-directed hypnotherapy are long lasting in children with FAP or IBS with two thirds still in remission almost 5 years after treatment, making it a highly valuable therapeutic option.”
“All IBS hypnotherapy studies have reported significant improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms, and 7 out of 10 RCTs in adults and all 3 RCTs in pediatric patient samples found superior outcomes for hypnosis compared to control groups. Collectively this body of research shows unequivocally that for both adults and children with IBS, hypnosis treatment is highly efficacious in reducing bowel symptoms and can offer lasting and substantial symptom relief for a large proportion of patients who do not respond adequately to usual medical treatment approaches.”

All information from these scientific studies on IBS was gathered from PubMed.

“After treatment, over 15 months, 54.3% of gut-directed hypnotherapy patients and 25.0% of controls improved. GHT with supportive talks with medical treatment (SMT) improved physical and psychological well being significantly more than SMT alone. Gender, age, disease duration and IBS type did not have an influence on the long-term success of GHT. CONCLUSIONS: GHT improves IBS-related QOL, is superior to SMT alone, and shows a long-term effect even in refractory IBS.” 

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