Are you fighting with your partner all the time? Do you feel irritated and overly angry at your partner? Are hurts from the past still bothering you? Do you feel your partner doesn’t understand you? Are there other people in your life who you have communication difficulties with? 

Everyone wants good relationships. So why is it so difficult to achieve?

  • Personality differences – just not “getting” each other
  • Personal history including unresolved relationships and grief
  • Childhood experiences
  • How you viewed your parents relationship
  • Cultural and/or social differences
  • Gender – expectations within your relationship and your culture/society
  • Personal beliefs and values about relationships
    and more…

Can my relationship improve?

Unless you are in an abusive relationship (in which case your hypnotherapist will refer you to the appropriate supports), of course your relationship can improve. But it starts with you, not your partner. Once you begin unravelling and healing from some of the above list, then your relationship will improve. If your partner also agrees to hypnotherapy, then your relationship improvement will be exponential.

How hypnotherapy helps

  • You become calmer, less irritated and angry
  • You start to see the problems and challenges in your relationship more clearly
  • You will learn about each other’s personalities and how/why you see and perceive things differently
  • You will reframe and have some healing around negative experiences in the past including childhood
  • You will uncover new, more effective ways to communicate with others in general
  • You will be happier in all areas of your life in addition to your relationships with others
  • You will feel confident and empowered to make changes


If you would like to improve your relationship and think hypnotherapy may be for you, contact us. However, if you think you may be in an abusive relationship – see signs below – please contact one of the phone numbers or view the website links below in your country. 



DISCLAIMER: Our services do not constitute medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice. The results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the ideal outcome and might not be achieved by every client. Your results will depend on your motivation to change, responsiveness to hypnosis, past history and other factors.