Releasing the Past 

Is grief or sadness from the past stopping you from moving forward in your life? Does anger from a past matter or person have an impact on your current relationships? Do you want to be free of repetitive thoughts about something unresolved or something you wish you’d handled differently?

Letting go sounds easy, like letting a balloon float up into they sky when you let go of the string. But if it was that easy wouldn’t we all just do it? Your subconscious mind is powerful and holds on to negative experiences and emotions because it is trying to keep you safe. Perhaps what happened was too big for you to handle at the time – so the experience was packaged up for you to look at later. Or maybe your subconscious mind simply does not want you to suffer like that again, so it holds on to remind you not to go in that direction again – it blocks releasing the past. Sometimes the subconscious mind needs to know you are an adult and are ready to release whatever happened and move on..that you are strong enough now. 

releasing the past
releasing the past

How can hypnotherapy help with releasing the past? 

  • You’ll stop those looping thoughts and will be able to think about the past without the heaviness and pain
  • You’ll feel lighter and free
  • You’ll release and heal
  • You’ll find new ways to look at and feel about the past
  • The future will begin to look positive and you’ll look forward to your life and get excited about what’s coming next
releasing the past

When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.

— Brene Brown
releasing the past

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