Do you clean your desk and organize your papers over and over instead of studying? Feel nauseas before exams? Don’t seem to be able to retain all the information you need? Wake up in the middle of the night worrying?

You may have tried various stress management techniques over the years only to find your stress increasing around exam times. Because negative feelings and emotions originate in your subconscious mind, attempting to coerce your conscious mind into managing your emotions is pointless. In the hypnotherapy process, your conscious mind is bypassed while relaxation and highly focused attention is used to access your subconscious mind. This is where change can take place.

Maybe you get great marks in exams but your anxiety prior feels out of control. Hypnotherapy is highly effective for treating exam nerves and exam phobia as well as lack of concentration and poor memory recall. Also see our Stress & Anxiety page for for more information.

Study Habits & Exam Stress
What will happen in the hypnotherapy sessions?

You’ll be guided into a calm and focused state. Then we use various techniques to allow your subconscious mind to choose some new positive beliefs about study and exams. The source of your stress and/or memory blockages will be addressed and you’ll learn some techniques for calming yourself which you can use at any time. Furthermore we work to eliminate fear, in its place adding a sense of joy, and even triumph, to the learning experience.

What improvements in study habits and exam performance can you expect after hypnotherapy?
  • your motivation to study will improve and your procrastination will reduce
  • your ability to concentrate when learning and your recall of information will improve
  • you will stop worrying about exams
  • you will think clearly under exam conditions
  • you will feel calm, confident and relaxed during exams

Studies show that hypnotherapy is highly successful in reducing test anxiety and increasing test scores

(Boutin & Tosi. 1983; Sapp, 1991, 1992; Stanton, 1993)

Even self-hypnosis alone is associated with improved grades

Wark (1996)

Study Habits & Exam Stress
The time to relax, is most important when you feel you don’t have time for it…

How long Will Treatment Take?

Depending on your particular concerns, usually 2-3 sessions.

Reprogram your subconscious and change your life!

DISCLAIMER: Our services do not constitute medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice. The results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the ideal outcome and might not be achieved by every client. Your results will depend on your motivation to change, responsiveness to hypnosis, past history and other factors.