Weight Loss

Do you feel you’ve been in a battle with your weight most of your life?
  • you’ve tried every diet
  • all types of exercises 
  • and various pills – remember that one that doesn’t let you digest fat?…yuck!

…and the weight just all comes back on again? If so, then it’s time to get to the root causes of why your body is holding on to the weight. Hypnotherapy is the definitely the way forward for you.

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! You are not weak, unmotivated, lazy, stubborn, uneducated or anything else you may have heard bantered around about people who are overweight. You are valuable, worthy and deserving of love.

Why willpower doesn’t keep the weight off 

Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful and has decided at some point that excessive weight will solve a problem and protect you. Your subconscious mind has the task of keeping you safe. So if it thinks that you need weight to be safe, then that’s what is going to happen even when you’re all grown up and have other methods available. Whatever the problem, the subconscious mind has set out to solve, it will find a way, no matter how much you eat or exercise.  

Happy mother holding her toddler son
Whatever you really want to do but are afraid to do—DO IT. Take the chance—follow your heart. It’s essential to listen to the messages from your heart. These messages are your soul’s desire.
Jon Gabriel
The greatest weight release secret: Hypnotherapy 

Using hypnotherapy you will learn what caused and continues to cause you to hold on to the weight. This is different for everyone. Your subconscious mind will change how it protects you and your body won’t be undermining your efforts anymore. You will feel the changes emotionally and physically and your life will improve so much that you won’t even recognize the old you.

How many session will I need?

As weight loss is complex in its layers and causes you will likely require 12+ sessions. You will know when you feel ready to taper off or complete your sessions. You will be feeling great, in control and very calm.

girl on beach with arms in air, happy
“Will I ever lose this baby weight?”
“How will I find time to exercise?”

Having a little extra weight that perhaps you put on during pregnancy or sitting a lot at your job can be frustrating. A few hypnotherapy sessions will have you on your way to improved habits, a calm and focused attitude towards your weight release, and have you motivated and solution driven towards your goal.

You’ll likely need 3-6 sessions for this type of weight loss.

DISCLAIMER: Our services do not constitute medical care, psychotherapy or psychological advice. The results described on this site, including testimonials, represent the ideal outcome and might not be achieved by every client. Your results will depend on your motivation to change, responsiveness to hypnosis, past history and other factors.